Monday, August 08, 2005

092334: k@t/a: 0 shit?
092347: sp|1nTr: y - cul eh?
Math was boring as usual. Ever since her brother had taught her Algebra and Trig last year this baby stuff just couldn't keep her attention. At least she could message with Katja and Mina.
092353: mina: But, you could have gotten really hurt!
092401: sp|1nTr: come'n m - i ! gonna get hurt - i 2 gud 2 get hurt
Geeze, Mina was so uptight sometimes.
092412: k@t/a: Mz lukin suspizious
092417: sp|1nTr: l8r
"Miss Sharan, are we keeping distracting you from more important matters with today's math lesson?"
"Ah, yes, ma'am, I was just looking something up on my 'puter."
"Hmmm...yes, well, I'd appreciate it if you'd look up things on your 'puter on your own time and paid attention to math on mind."
"Yes ma'am."


"Shit, Katya that cutter was hot! Where'd your cousin get it?"
"Damn, Sharan, you know I can't tell you that. I don't even know where he got it from."
"Ha, acting the fixer already."
"How do you know it was safe, Sharan? I mean, that corp could have tracked you back here. Or the signals monitoring here in the enclave could have detected the hacking attempt."
Sharan sighed, she'd learned how to hide her hacks from the enclave's SigMon goons last year after she got in trouble for those pizza crank calls. They weren't a problem.
"Mina, geeze! Just relax for a bit. I didn't get hurt, no one got into trouble! It's all good."
"Yeah, this time it was, but just wait - some time it won't be!" Mina stormed off in a huff.
"Man, what's up with her?" Sharan asked.
Katja looked at her feet and scuffed at a rock.
"What?" Sharan asked.
Katja, peered up at Sharan, a distant look on her face. "Mina's got a brother."
"Yeah? How come I never saw him?"
"Cause he doesn't live here anymore."
"He was learning to hack, same as you. He got caught. Enclave gave her mom a choice. Disown him and kick him out of the house, or they were all out. Mina's mom's been on the street before. She didn't want to go back."
"Damn...that's harsh."
"Yeah, that's the corp. Greatest friend in the world until you cross them or do something they don't like. Then you better hope you got some value to offset your actions."

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Splinter screamed down the telecom lines, her neon blue hair streaming out behind her, imagining she could already feel the cold touch of the virus on her ankles. She'd been there, inside the core. Sure it was a small time mini-corp, but she'd actually hacked it - the cutter was actually worth what she'd paid for it.

Elation filled her as she saw the exit appear before her but then her heart dropped just as quickly. Bars of jagged static slammed across the opening, blocking her way. She broke left, chancing a glance behind her - yeah, the virus was still there. She seemed to have gained a bit on it. Maybe she could just mask and avoid it.

Potted plants, boxes, dark spaces - some sort of receiving and routing area. Splinter dropped down next to a purple cube with yellow slashes on it.

"I'm not here. You can't see me. I'm not here. You can't see me." Whispering furiously to herself she held the picture of the cube in her mind. Eyes tightly shut, arms crossed over her head, chin tucked down into her chest, every fiber of her being focused on projecting an appearance of the box.

Milliseconds passed. Nothing happened. Without looking up she cautiously sampled her environment, stretching out her mind for any sense of danger. The alarm was still there, but sampled down. Calmer. She opened her eyes, peered out between her arms. No sign of the virus.

Carefully, she lowered her arms and rose to her feet. No reaction from the system. Splinter slowly left the room then strode purposefully for the now open exit. She moved through, like silk on glass and merged with the traffic outside.


Reaching up, Sharan unplugged the data cable from her head - the smart sheath curling it in her hands for stowing. Wow...that was close. Man, it's never been like that before. A shudder went down her spine, then a curious tingle worked itself up. Close, yes...but she'd enjoyed it. Even the danger. It added a thrill that wasn't there before. She heard her mom call - breakfast was ready, then she had to go to school. Oh, well, how many other nine year olds could say that they'd hacked a mini-corp. Boy was she going to have a story for Mina and Katja today.

The Easy Route

I've wanted to get a blog back up and running (with the intention of actually posting regularly to it this time) for a while now. I wanted to host it myself at my ISP but I just can't seem to find the time to actually get it up and running so here we are. I now have a blog on blogger.

First Post

First Post