Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sonora Pass to Mono Lake to Yosemite

Still catching up on posting old photos. Here's the latest from a trip we took back in June...

This is what happens when you get up one morning to look at pictures on the computer and realize that you haven't been camping in a while... We decided to go at 11, were on the road by 1 and were at camp just west of Sonora Pass by 5:30. Originally it was just going to be a camping trip. We got up Sunday morning and drove up to Sonora pass for a look around. It was a beautiful day and we decided, hey, let's keep going, we can go home over Tioga Pass - and so we had breakfast just west of Sonora Pass, lunch at Mono Lake, dinner in the Yosemite Valley and were home to sleep that night.



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