Saturday, October 01, 2005


Thanks to Charlie for telling me about LibraryThing. It's a new hosted web application that let's you track what books you own and view some really interesting "zeitgeist" data about how you relate to other users. I've used the service to drop in a Currently Reading listing on the right.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about LibraryThing is the ability to tag books. You simply associate a text string with a book and there you are. Any text string (shorter than 30 characters). Then you can query for the text string, see how (if?) others have used the text string and generally just get a different view of your books.

I'm just randomly putting in books from our library that I think are interesting or want to see if anyone else has them. Amber's entering all the books she's read over the last few years (and yes, she keeps a list). So if you're a reader and you've got a library or you just want to see how your usage stacks up against others out there, check it out.


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