Saturday, December 10, 2005


We just finished bottling our latest batch of beer. It's an Irish Stout that my dad and I started on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I drank most of the bottle that didn't get entirely full and it's a pretty good one. Once this is ready to drink, in about two weeks, we'll have three different kinds of homebrew in the house. Right now, there's over three cases of beer that we've made.

It's odd, I used to be able to drink whatever kind of beer and didn't really have a taste for what's good or not. I mostly stayed with your lighter beers, lagers and such. Since I started brewing my own though, my requirements for what makes a good beer have definitely gone up and my tastes have strayed toward the darker flavors. We currently have 5 bottles of Porter, a little over a case of Brown Ale and now almost two full cases of Irish Stout. Oh, and there's 5 gallons of wine that I'll be bottling around the first of the year too.

I think that I'm set until after Christmas. I'll probably be pretty busy soon anyway, given that our baby is due "any day now".


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